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Google introduces the Google Buzz

9 February 2010 No Comments Posted By:Vivek

Google’s latest product is making a buzz these days.Google Buzz brings a Gmail UI to a real time web and is being introduced as a feature of Gmail. Not everyone would have got it now.Google says it will be rolled out to everyone very soon.So expect a whole new experience of Gmailing or Buzzing.

Google Buzz’s features include creation of automatic friends list.People who you email you often or chat often are automatically added to your friends list.So its not like creating a new profile in a social networking site and start adding friends from scratch.That should keep people interested!!.

The main feature is the fast sharing features in the Buzz. We can share our status,pictures,videos and all stuff just as you do it in
Twitter.Other features include public and private sharing,inbox integration and the “Recommended Buzz” where you can see stuff of friend-of-friends.Also we can import our stuff from Twitter and facebook to share with our friends.

The real time updates seems to be pretty neat and fast not like the orkut where our scraps do take some time to appear.Google says that with Google Buzz you can see the stuff that is most important to you in real time as it happens and true to its word,Buzz seems to be working really well in this regard.

Google Buzz also should offer a whole new experience when used with your mobile as mobiles add a new component to share-your location.Another feature that should encourage you to use the Buzz in your mobile phone is voice posting,of course you will need something like the IPhone or some high end model phones for that.The Buzz layer on the Google maps also allows you to see buzzes near you. See the Google blog about Buzz on mobiles here.

For more information on the Google Buzz visit Google’s official posting on the Buzz here.

Google Buzz seems to be Google’s attempt to take on Twitter and Facebook. Whether it will really make a difference remains to be seen. Maybe in places where the Twitter is not so dominant, the Buzz could be a really good app to have.

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